The Future, Now.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Mainstream Africa.

We believe in using technology to solve problems across the continent. We strive to help companies and organizations utilize new technologies to make their products and services more efficient, more personalized, and more supportive.  

We hope to inspire a new wave of African Intelligence and encourage people to see the value of technology in their everyday lives. We believe in the future, now.

What We Are Working On

Mary - African Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence with an African flavor. Through Mary, we are working on AI solutions that are easily accessible by businesses, healthcare institutions, and the general public. Mary has a strong research focus and builds strategic partnerships for building and implementing industry-specific AI technologies. We believe in using cutting edge technology to empower individuals and make their lives easier. 

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Dr. Elsa - Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Dr. Elsa is a data-powered telemedicine service that connects patients to doctors and specialists through a mobile phone or web-based application. In addition to a large support network of physicians, Dr. Elsa is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence that support physicians and healthcare workers in making diagnoses, developing disease prediction models, and better analyzing health data.

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Enterprise Solutions for Businesses

We build business solutions for companies and provide them with the technological tools they need to be successful. We have built software systems, mobile applications, and websites for a range of companies in healthcare, education, music, distribution, and agriculture. We strive to develop strong relationships and work closely with our clients to build solutions that work specifically for them.

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